Rossi eCat : Experiments, Attendees and Instruments (EAI)

Dec 2, 2011 Version 5

This document itemizes the experiments, attendees and instruments used in the evaluation of the Rossi/Focardi eCat.

I have included links to NyTeknik (English version), because they have reported on every experiment and press release.

See for information about the eCat and analyses of the published experiments.

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Instrument Provided By Comments
All Andrea Rossi T1,T2,T3 temperature probes, Lab View Rossi Temperature, Control of the eCat
Wattmeter, Clamp Ammeter, Voltmeter Rossi (1) Input Power

Radiation Detector SN 018895

Focardi/Rossi (1) Yellow meter, seen in some pictures.
Pumps Rossi Calibrated by experimenters
Jan 2011
Giuseppi Levi “WATTUP?” Pro Es power meter Levi? Power
  0.1g scale Rossi (1) Used for H2 delta
  Hand meter Possibly Rossi/Lewan (2) Shown in picture
Mauro Villa (In Levi report) NaI(Tl) scintillators Villa Gamma
David Bianchini (In Levi report) AUTOMESS 6150 AD-b (s/n 93883) Bianchini Gamma
  LUDLUM 2221 Scaler/Ratemeter SCA Bianchini Neutrons
Gilberto Galantini (In Levi report) Declarations Delta Ohm HD37AB1347 HP474AC probe Galantini? Steam Quality (Off-label use?)
  Testo deprimometer Galantini? Pressure
  Water column Galantini Pressure
Maci (looks the same as Melich)      
Francesco Celani (Details, Gamma burst) Geiger : GEM Radalert II, Perspective Scientific Celani Both instruments saturated at start-up
  Sodium iodide gamma detector (NaI) Celani  
Jacques Dufour      
Feb 2011 Levi Not specified Rossi  
Bianchini     per Krivit
Mar 2011 Hanno Essén, Sven Kullander Isotope analysis Uppsala Sample provided by Rossi -- not from this experiment.
Giuseppe Levi      
David Bianchini Radiation (not enumerated) Bianchini Presumed to be as above
  Certified Testo 650, with a probe guaranteed to resist up to 550°C Unknown. K&E did not bring any instruments. Steam quality.
April 19, 2011 Lewan Temperature logger Testo 177-T3 0554 1765 Usb Interface, Probes Rossi  
Automess S/N 95171 Radiation    
Amperemeter Digimaster DM201 1090647637 Rossi and then Lewan (2)  
electromagnetic fields from 5 Hz to 3 GHz Bianchini(1)  
Multimeter Lewan(1)  
April 28 2011
(Same report)
Lewan     Details same as above
June 14, 2011 Krivit None mentioned. Rossi This was specifically a demonstration by Rossi, and not an experiment.
Sep 7, 2011 Lewan Temperature logger and scale as above    
Clamp Amperemeter Digimaster DM201 1090647637 Lewan (2)  
Clamp Amperemeter Mastech MS2102 AC/DC 10030032671 Lewan (1)  
Multimeter Hung Chang HC-5010C Lewan (1)  
Residual-current device, Co Tech EMP200S-1, Ref 32-3492 Lewan (1)  
Oct 6, 2011 Roland Pettersson
video interview
    No report issued
Lewan Mostly as above Rossi Lewan realized nothing was going to be recorded, so he stepped in.
Flow Meter Rossi Commercial instrument. Outlet checked occasionally.
Heat exchanger (SWEP E8T-SC-S) Rossi  
Wire thermocouples and 4 channels thermometer Lutron TM-947SD, temperature probe TP-01 Rossi Disassembled after test. Ice calibration attempted by Lewan
Electrical Lewan (1)  
Digital bathroom scale Rossi (1) To measure eCat weight before and after
(Brian Josephson)     Invited, but could not attend.
Oct 28, 2011

Domenico Fioravanti
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Testo data loggers and probes Rossi/Customer "For the customer"

Note 1 : From Mats Lewan : Email between Alan Fletcher and Mats Lewan

Note 2 : The multimeter DM 201 was originally provided by Rossi, but Lewan calibrated it against his own multimeter, and then kept it in his possession for all other experiments.

For the January report, Celani emphasizes:

/** All the measurements were made, INDEPENDENTLY, from a Researcher (and Technicians) of Bologna University. Rossi made only supervision about key safety aspects.

The measurement of the internal temperatures T1,T2,T3 were used by Rossi to control the eCat (manually adjusting the resistor power). They were completely under Rossi's control, and are processed by Lab View software, which presumably has the ability to pre-process the displayed values. (And some of which were lost, in the Dec/Jan trials.) Some of these temperatures were cross-checked using other instruments. For example, in January the Bologna team made direct measurements through the top outlet of the eCat.

The Oct 6 setup was special, and Rossi specifically said that it would be done with his thermocouples, but they were examined and calibrated afterwards. The offset between the input and output thermocouples was established by running cold water through the heat exchanger secondary circuit before the Ecat was started.

Oct 28 was entirely by agreement between Rossi and "The Customer". Nobody else was even allowed to photograph any of the instruments.

Personal note : I do not see a large problem with experimenters using standard, stand-alone equipment provided by Rossi -- unless you believe that he tampered with them all. He did not object to any calibrations.

Version 2 : Lewan DID say that the electrical instruments in Oct 6 were his.

Version 4 : University of Bologna Clarifies Relationship With Rossi : "Bianchini is not an employee of our university but a student and should not have used the Department of Physics as his affiliation in writing the safety report." Rossi confirms that Bianchini is a specialist under contract to him. However, his measurements were used ONLY to show that the eCat's radiation was at safe levels. The university also clarified that Levi etc were acting in their private capacity, and not as representatives of the University : " These behaviors are not illicit and do not carry any formal or informal implication on the level of involvement of the University of Bologna on the matter." Dec 2, 2011

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